Das Nebelhaus (2017) full movie watch online download free

Das Nebelhaus (2017)
Das Nebelhaus (2017)

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Genre :Thriller

Synopsis:Since her studies, her fellow students Philipp (Matthias Weidenhöfer), Leonie (Jasmin Schwiers), Timo (Lucas Prisor) and Yasmin (Oona von Maydell) have lost sight of each other. When they find themselves on the Internet, they arrange to spend a weekend together in Philip’s property on the Baltic Sea, the so-called Nebelhaus. Also Philipp’s wife Vev (Nadeshda Brennicke) and daughter Clarissa (Lisa Marie Trense) are there. In fact, the evening begins with joy over the reunion, but it ends in a bloodbath. It seems that Leonie, now in a coma, shot three people out of jealousy this evening, at least that was the view of the then Commissioner and the public…




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